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Digital Innovation

Join a team of passionate digital technology experts who create
progress every day and take care of each other every step of the way.

What do you get
by working in


We live to discover the unknown and try out every new technology. Whether it's for us or for a client project, we thrive when we can combine our experience with a novelty to make a significant difference.


Each new employee is surprised by our team members’ passion and dedication to their jobs and colleagues. Every year we conduct a survey to check the team satisfaction, and the results are constantly improving.


We are free to pursue our passion, to experiment, to fail and to learn from it. This kind of mindset supports employee initiatives on which many of our services and departments have been set-up.


We learn and teach each other all kinds of skills and processes every day. We invest hundreds of hours each month into internal and external education sessions as we believe this is the best way for all of us to advance.


With each project, we get a new perspective and a chance to be creative in overcoming obstacles. Our team has been growing each year, and many of our employees and former students now lead teams with 5 to 10 or even more people.

Our kind of people

At Digiits, we share a mindset that dictates our company culture and hiring criteria.

Hungry for new knowledge

Strive in a dynamic environment

Not afraid of the unknown

Wish to make a true impact

Always questioning how to do better

Value relationships

Selection process


Look at your CV and motivation as an opportunity to present your
experience and aspirations, not as a checklist.

Practical Assignment

Every position requires specific expertise, so it’s essential we see how
you apply your knowledge, and how you fit the requirements.

Psychological Testing

We use psychological testing and interviews in our selection process,
because they give us a more detailed assessment of your potential.

Final Interview

The final interview is your chance to express yourself and convince us
you’re the best fit for the job.


At Digiits, learning and creating progress every day is
a way of life. This is why the student community fits
perfectly with all our teams.

Student Jobs

We offer part-time jobs because we integrate students into
our team for the long run. Many of them have, and will
become our full-time employees.

Working as a student in
Digiits means that you will:

Be a part of an amazing team

Work and hang out with friendly and open-minded people.

Participate in all activities

Take part in internal company activities like educations, weekly meetings, and team buildings.

Receive a competitive salary

Get paid for the time and effort you put in based on an hourly rate.

Have flexible working hours

Your schedule is adjusted according to your college obligations.

Advance in your field

Learn and get support from professionals in the field of your interest.


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Senior Frontend Developer - m/f

Place of employment              Due date              Type of employment
Accra                                Tiil filled               Full time

Senior Fullstack Developer - m/f

Place of employment              Due date              Type of employment
Accra                                Tiil filled               Full time

UI/UX Designer - m/f

Place of employment              Due date              Type of employment
Accra                                Tiil filled               Full time

Creative Designer - m/f

Place of employment              Due date              Type of employment
Accra                                Tiil filled               Full time

Project Manager - m/f

Place of employment              Due date              Type of employment
Accra                                Tiil filled               Full time

Think that you would fit in at Digiits but haven’t found the right open

position? We’re always on the lookout for new talent.

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