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Using Flutter to build an almost fun time-tracking app for Android and iOS

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Time-tracker you’ll want to use

To accommodate its fast-growing brand, Estrid needed a way to scale its subscription business in order to dramatically increase revenue. In its first year of operations, the company sold about $1 million worth of kits and subscriptions, and raised $18 million at a $100 million valuation for its subscription business. As they used an off-the-shelf solution built on WordPress and Woocommerce, it quickly became a limitation to their growth in terms of website performance and load capacity, and that’s when we stepped in.

They needed a website that can welcome the constant growth of their subscribers, but at the same time showcase the high-quality and premium feeling of the brand.

On-the-go tracking for on-the-go professionals

Young professionals are no longer tied to their desks and computers — in addition to working on their laptops, they also conduct a wide variety of tasks on their smartphones and tablets. They have these devices by their sides at all times, so providing them with a useful time-tracking tool that works across all of their platforms proved to be a key differentiator for Vremenco.

1 codebase, 2 applications

To create Vremenco, we used Flutter — Google’s development kit for building cross-platform mobile, web and desktop applications. This choice simplified the entire process of developing, deploying and publishing the tool as it enabled us to create both the Android and the iOS version of the tool from a single codebase.

Flutter was a perfect fit for this app. We achieved a high level of usability and performance, but also kept the production costs low with the all-material design across Android and iOS.
John Doe

Android Development Team Lead

App with an attitude

While designing Vremenco, our objective was to create an app that doesn’t overwhelm users with complex functionalities, but provides them with a set of features that give them maximum value. That is why the entire app almost exclusively revolves around the options of adding, editing and managing own activities.

Just what you need

As a way of further differentiating Vremenco from other available options and making it more engaging, we added some personality to the app in the form of an emoji that entertains and trolls users. With its cheeky comments, jokes and taunts, this emoji will make you check the app even more often than you need just to see all of the quick remarks it has in store for you.

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Scope of work


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UI Design


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Quality Assurance

Usability Testing
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Functionality Testing


Take a look at what we’ve created and get inspiredSee what we can do and learn more about working together


Take a look at what we’ve created and get inspiredSee what we can do and learn more about working together

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