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Performance Fact is a team of professionals with a proven expertise in teaching, research, coaching, educational leadership and organizational development. Their purpose is to support educational leaders and practitioners through a system of solutions for developing capable leaders, strengthening professional practices and achieving extraordinary student results.

Bornfight brought to us the organizational depth and expertise that we needed. For the first time, our platform is intuitive and enables users to onboard quickly.

Mutiu O. Fagbayi

Performance Fact President/CEO

Rebuilding the product

After nearly a decade of trial and error with the digital transformation of their business model, Performance Fact came to us to rethink, redesign and redevelop their intensive strategic planning and school improvement system — an all-in-one set of specialized tools and processes that are used to accelerate student learning through a continuous improvement of strategic planning, teaching, leadership and organizational practices.

Guiding the schools back on track

As Performance Fact’s activities revolve around a fully tailored and personalized approach to guiding and helping schools and academic staff properly set up and stick to their strategic improvement plans, Eye On The Goal needed to be structured, designed and developed in a way that strongly focuses on these 5 core aspects:

  1. strategic planning within the school district level
  2. visualizing and analyzing data about student learning and professional practices
  3. monitoring, managing and tracking progress of projects and people
  4. collaboration among practitioners and school staff
  5. creation of detailed and data supported reports

One of the biggest benefits of conducting continuous user interviews is that they helped us to not only structure and tailor features to different types of users, but also to discard a number of ideas before we began with any kind of production.

Jelena Rebrnjak

Bornfight Digital Designer

Immersing into the interlaced US education system

Performance Fact’s clients span all across the US, and include large school districts and school networks, as well as individual schools. In order to fully understand the way they function and what they really need from a tool like Eye On The Goal, we started the process of product development with a series of discovery workshops. During those workshops, we dove into the complex US educational system with the goal of detecting specific opportunities that could be seized and challenges that needed to be solved.

After those initial workshops, we continued to organize regular user research and testing for every new feature and upgrade we planned on implementing into Eye On The Goal. By gathering information from users on such a regular basis, we have a constant stream of insights that help guide the product development process.

Roadmap for Disciplined Implementation

The core of the Eye On The Goal is the Roadmap for Disciplined Implementation. This feature serves as a central hub of the entire application to which all of the other tools are connected or dependent on. The Roadmap provides users with a bird’s-eye view of their weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans, milestones and goals.

Due to the fact that it needs to function as a step-by-step process for accomplishing school improvement goals through effective professional practices, it is closely tied in with other tools within Eye On The Goal and built to follow Performance Fact’s 7-step growth strategy:

  1. Moving forward as one — defining district-wide strategic plans
  2. Charting the course — creating continuous school improvement plans
  3. Monitoring and adjusting — assessing individual, team and school effectiveness
  4. Learning and collaborating — strengthening staff skills and knowledge
  5. Reflecting and planning — conducting community conversations
  6. Evaluating and celebrating — creating data-informed effectiveness reviews
  7. Motivating and facilitating — utilizing data to stay on the right track

There’s a tool for that

In addition to the Roadmap, Eye On The Goal has more than 40 different tools that help teachers, principals and other members of school staff set, work on, monitor and achieve their goals. One of those tools that, through user research, proved to be used the most and almost on a daily basis by a majority of users is the CPR Card.

We structured this Continuous Progress Report Card as a one-stop-shop for managing, monitoring and communicating progress of long-term strategic plans, as well as day-to-day work. Through it, all Eye On The Goal users can easily set goals and objectives with specific deadlines and sub-tasks, monitor and discuss performance in regular intervals, keep track of achievements and challenges, and ultimately align all of their daily tasks with long-term goals.

The project is enormous, so we divided it into two main tracks to streamline and focus the production process. Strategic track is where we place all long-term plans and feature ideas, while tactical consists of our immediate next steps and aspects we need to tackle now.

Iva Kvakić

Bornfight Project Manager

Maximizing user experience through automation and flow simplification

To properly perform all of its core functionalities and meet the needs of the academic staff, Eye On The Goal needed to come with a larger selection of both simpler and more complex tools, and we couldn’t let that overwhelm the users. And that was especially true for those users who just started getting familiar with the tool for the first time.

In order to maximize user experience, we structured the entire tool in a way that all of the specific tools within it work seamlessly with one another and complement each other through various types of process simplification and automation. We strongly focused on:

  1. continuously simplifying of the tool based on user needs
  2. building intuitive collaboration features for different roles and participants
  3. implementing simpler, but detailed data visualization and analysis
  4. monitoring and guiding employee performance inside school organizations
  5. improving goal-oriented platforms for day-to-day usage in school environment

Although the tech used on the project is not in our current main stack for new projects, it doesn’t stop us from implementing new features — by following the best practices. This makes it more enjoyable to work, but also easier for anyone who’ll work on the same features in the future.

Maroje Macola

Bornfight Software Developer

Developed to follow Performance Fact’s growth

As Performance Fact is constantly expanding its client base, and developing new tools, methodologies and processes for strategic planning and school improvement, we built Eye On The Goal in a way that can seamlessly follow Performance Fact’s continuous growth. By creating a unified style guide and periodically refactoring the application’s code, we not only keep its performance at an optimal level, but we also simplify the process of designing, developing and implementing future upgrades and new features.

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Take a look at what we’ve created and get inspiredSee what we can do and learn more about working together

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